A downloadable game for Windows

Swift McFly was, once, a hero among his fellow flies. The Queen sent him on a simple mission of infiltration. However, their archenemy; the spider Spite had found the way to rig and create an army of robot toys. Overwhelmed, Swift was paralyzed by a laser in the wing, and barely made it out alive.

Having gone to exile, he spent two whole days under the bed, watching a cam recording of a rock concert on a broken phone. Unfortunately, its battery has died and our hero will have none of it!

Venture into the world by jumping from surface to surface and find a charger!



Move - Left Analog Stick

Jump & Speak - A

Shoot with Bow - Right Bumper


Move - W,A,S,D

Jump & Speak - Space

Shoot with Bow - Mouse Click


swift.zip 157 MB