A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Lightyear is a skill based 3D runner that will test your multitasking abilities!

You're a caveman who's recently invented the wheel and has to use it to get back home through a dangerous, pre-historic canyon.

Avoid the rocks, elephants & rhinos while balancing yourself on your unstable wheel. Collect tree branches to keep your torch lit, or you cannot see anything! By exchanging points, you can activate your totems' special abilities.


Movement: Arrow L - R (Keyboard) or Left - Right (Controller)

Balance: A - D (Keyboard) or L - R Bumpers (Controller)

Totems: Z - C (Keyboard) or X - B (Controller)

PS: Press Enter (Keyboard) or A (Controller) to skip instructions.


lightYear.zip 65 MB

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